Covid Safety…

  • We instruct staff, customers and all other parties to avoid Aussie Hail entirely if they have or may have had exposure to Coronavirus and have not served the relevant quarantine period.
  • We observe Covid safety standards such as contact tracing check in’s, social distancing, remaining contactless where possible and hand sanitising.
  • We sanitise vehicles at check in for the safety of our staff however we require the vehicle to come to us in a clean and sanitary condition ( inside and out ) or we may ask you to clean it before we accept it on site.
  • We sanitise vehicles upon completing repairs for our customers safety.
  • We advise that Covid19 is causing occasional supply delays for parts and services that are beyond our control.  Concerns in this regard should be directed to your vehicle manufacturer.





Reminder for vehicle owners!

  • If you have a hire vehicle option on your insurance policy you should coordinate this directly with your insurer 2 weeks prior to your repair booking date. 
  • Your vehicle must be clean inside and out or we will ask you to clean it before we commence repair.
  • Please remove baby seats, E toll devices and all personal possessions from vehicle.
  • Please ensure any roof rack keys are left with Aussie Hail if applicable.
  • Your excess is payable at or prior to vehicle being dropped off for repairs. Excess can be paid to your Insurer or to us via EFT or Credit Card (surcharge may apply).
  • We will take digital images of your vehicle upon checking it in to reference hail damage, unrelated damage, system codes, fuel level and kilometres.

What can affect repair timeframes…

  • Straight forward Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is estimated to take 1 week.
  • If paintwork is required (or becomes required following PDR) the repair is estimated to take 2 to 3 weeks depending on the number of panels requiring paint.
  • If the vehicle requires a turret (roof) replacement the time frame is estimated to take 3 to 4 weeks.
  • Aussie Hail endeavour to have parts on site in advance of the repair booking date.  On occasion, it may be necessary to order additional parts during the course of the repair.  Parts supply delays do occur on occasion, however if the part does not affect the safety of the vehicle, the vehicle can be collected and the part fitted at a later time.
  • On occasion, and upon more thorough inspection, the repair method initially identified may need to be altered. Eg, Initial view of turret repair, may need to be altered to a turret replacement.
  • If your vehicle has Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) it may need to be recalibrated by the manufacturer of your vehicle to maintain your warranty and to meet the requirements of your insurance company.  Aussie Hail will do all that we can to expedite this however we have no control over recalibration booking delays.  Concerns in this regard should be directed to your manufacturer.




Transporting your vehicle during repairs

  • Our staff will need to start and drive your vehicle to enable repairs to take place. 
  • On occasion we may need to transport or drive your vehicle to a third party sublet repairer to affect your repairs.
  • We may need to drive your vehicle to ensure that your safety systems have been recalibrated to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)s specifications.  This will not affect the repair quality and is fully covered by our insurance.
  • Your vehicle will only be driven off site to enable repairs to be completed where required.
  • Transporting vehicles to and from regional areas could potentially cause a delay to the overall repair timeframe.  We will communicate with you regarding this if it applies to you. 
  • Your vehicle will only be driven off site to enable repairs to be completed where required. 


  • It is not unusual for batteries to lose charge due to the vehicle not being driven, particularly in the colder weather. We take every precaution to prevent this but accept no responsibility should this occur.

This information is available in our reception area and on our website.  It is also sent via text message or email to all customers.  It is implicit in the provision of your vehicle to us for repairs that you acknowledge and accept the content of this document.