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Hail hits Cleve in South Australia

Hail battered Cleve in South Australia on 27th September, 2016 as one of the largest storms in fifty years caused flash flooding ahead of the long weekend.

Power was cut to thousands of South Australian properties as severe thunderstorms moved across the state. Huge swells and strong winds batter the New South Wales coastline in Australia, causing flooding and dangerous conditions in Sydney and the surrounding areas. Its been a volatile week of severe weather with severe storms causing hail and flash flooding around the country.

Aussie Hail have set up two Auto hail repair locations in Cleve and Cowell. If your vehicle has been damaged during these storms and you would like to organise repairs, please phone our Aussie Hail Head Office on 1300 791 501 or click on the link below to find your nearest repair centre.

Repair Locations